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A vaginal zoo: Moscow sex surprises

As you know, among all the residents of Moscow hookers are those who monitor the health of the genitourinary system in a regular way, go to clinics and pass all the necessary tests. A good Moscow escort agency usually sends girls to clinics itself. However, there is still a problem with sexually transmitted diseases among […]

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A terrible story about Moscow sex: how I almost “became” a pedo.

The humble author of this lines regularly visited Moscow babes being a student, receiving lots of pleasure for the money earned in blood and sweat. I even made a few friends among Moscow call girls and regularly fucked at a discount… But one story I still have nightmares about. And today, my dearest friends, I […]

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Moscow escort girls: top 5 traps

Top-5 traps you may walk into looking for Moscow escort girls Sex with Russian escort girl is thought to be a good time, a relaxing leisure, you expect the most pleasant impressions. A lot of men look for a companion for the evening, because they want to satisfy their secret desires, diversify boring family life […]

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