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A vaginal zoo: Moscow sex surprises

As you know, among all the residents of Moscow hookers are those who monitor the health of the genitourinary system in a regular way, go to clinics and pass all the necessary tests. A good Moscow escort agency usually sends girls to clinics itself. However, there is still a problem with sexually transmitted diseases among Russian call girls. It is not necessary to think that only street prostitutes pleasing representatives of the lower class deal with it. To be infected among the VIP Russian girls may be even easier since their clients are rich and therefore have more sexual partners. According to the head of the Moscow AIDS center dr. Pokrovsky there are several HIV-infected among the deputies of Duma. Question: where did they get infected? Did they really get HIV from their wives who doesn’t excite them anymore?

Briefly about the most common diseases:


During the incubation period, it is impossible to detect, and it’s difficult to recognize the infection to the sick person himself. When the disease gets to the next level, a person begins to suffer from colds, rashes of different localization and nature (from ordinary dermatitis to eczema) and other diseases characteristic of an organism with a weak immune system. And finally, before you insert your dick into the girl, pay attention to her tongue – a HIV-infected person is usually affected by the Epstein-Barr virus, a bright symptom is called “hairy tongue”, the name speaks for itself. A condom helps, but think twice whether to fuck the owner of such shit.


On the genitals, the mucous membrane of the mouth or tongue there will be a solid chancre – ulcer up to 1.5 cm in diameter. Nearby lymph nodes are enlarged to the size of a nut. Most likely Moscow prostitute worrying about her reputation will hide these features, turn off the light etc. Don’t be fooled by that, look at her genitals. Remember – a condom does not save from syphilis. This disease in the second stage looks like a severe cold with a rash around the nose and mouth. In the third stage – you won’t even want to look at it.


It’s practically invisible in women (except for a specific stink). Fortunately, a condom helps with a 100% guarantee. Gonorrhea is transmitted only by vaginal sex, so put rubber on your penis, this is enough.

Chlamydia and vaginal gardnerella

Both are very difficult to identify. At the advanced stage there are discharge from the pussy with an awful smell. Use condoms or do not fuck the carrier.

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