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Moscow escort girls: top 5 traps

Top-5 traps you may walk into looking for Moscow escort girls

escort girl moscowSex with Russian escort girl is thought to be a good time, a relaxing leisure, you expect the most pleasant impressions. A lot of men look for a companion for the evening, because they want to satisfy their secret desires, diversify boring family life or having no permanent sexual partner. However, there are unpleasant surprises everywhere. Forewarned is forearmed – so be careful not to get trapped.

1. The most common trick is the wrong age. You come, pecking at the photos of an attractive Russian teen, but then you are met by the one that was a teen 15 years ago. A thoroughly worn-out woman who had grown fat, perhaps even given birth more than once. She counts that you will not be able to turn around and go back home, having come.

2. Also a common trick – when a hooker is delaying the deal. This thing is very common for sex service in Moscow, where people are constantly in a hurry. At first your girl stays in a bathroom for a long time, and then gets conversations (which may seem clever to her in fact being stupid), and if you have sex, you get to it at the very end of the hour you paid for. It happens quite often in salons.

3. A common option is cheating with alcohol, which a sleeping pill or laxative dissolved in it. If there is a bottle on the table, while you are with a woman – you will definitely drink, the male alcoholic reflex is working unexceptionally here. As a result, you are again wasting time you paid for. This trap is common for both Moscow salons and Moscow independent girls.

4. An option very similar to the first one is when you arrive at the place, but the girl you chose does not work. Instead, the pimp – we’re talking about salons now again – will offer you a choice of the girls working at the moment. Again, he counts on that you will not be able to turn around and leave the place.

5. Finally, the girl you choose could simply not exist. In this case here are many possible ways to steal your money, for example, you may be asked to pay for girl’s telephone. It is clear that there will be no sex in this case. Photos of the same prostitutes walk on the websites of different salons throughout Moscow. But a girl depicted on a photo may simply not be still working or even alive.

On good sites girls and the salons which are cheating the clients, instantly get blacklisted. Choose wisely – and then an evening with Russian escort girl will give you a really pleasant feeling.

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